Welcome to our journey through the Psalms in 2017. We as a church are reading through the Psalms this year. We will basically read 3 Psalms per week.  I pray your reading is going well and God is speaking powerfully through His Word.

Psalms 7-9 (ESV); Week 3

“Oh Lord , our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens.” Psalm 8:1

This opening line reminds me of the song written back in 1992 by Michael W. Smith. I was early into my faith and service to the Lord. This became a popular song in my and many churches.  The early years as a believer can feel like a ride at an amusement park.  I was learning so much so quickly. I had grown up in church but just a few years earlier I had given my life to the Lord. I was like a sponge that was taking in so much and when squeezed stuff went everywhere!  I probably was a lot to handle back in those days.  One thing that came to me early in my faith was the Majesty of God. He was big and in control and full.  I wanted every part of him.

In Psalm 8, the Psalmist declares the Majesty of God and then declares the mystery and excitement that even though God is so much more than we are, yet He is mindful of us! Genesis is clear that humanity is the pinnacle of creation. He has given us a special place.  The reality that the Triune God, knows me, is mindful of me and desires me is overwhelming to me. My early Christian life was impacted so much by the Majesty of God, it remains one of the greatest attributes of God.

May we as believers never get over the Majesty for God and realization that he knows us! He is mindful of our victories, our struggles and our needs.  Would you turn to Him today and acknowledge his greatness and your need?  He is listening and he cares.

See you in Church

Pastor Darrell