Welcome to our journey through the Psalms in 2017. We as a church are reading through the Psalms this year. We will basically read 3 Psalms per week.  I pray your reading is going well and God is speaking powerfully through His Word.

Psalms 16-18(ESV); Week 6

Psalm 16 ends with a great promise from the Lord. Verse 11 reads, You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are the pleasures forever more.

The progression of this last verse is very interesting as we consider that most people seem to be continually seeking joy and pleasure in their life.  Aren’t most decisions we make centered on finding the most amount of happiness and joy in our lives? Whether we are deciding what house to buy, where to send our kids to school, even where we might go on vacation, we are often seeking joy and well being.  The pursuit of happiness is not necessarily a bad thing, however in this life we often find ourselves unfulfilled.  We loved the house at first but know we now, it just seems like it fills our weekends up with repairs. The kid’s school seems like a good place but we find ourselves wondering if there is a better place with more understanding teachers, and the vacation we saved for wears us out and the kids don’t seem quite as appreciative as we hoped.  We often solve these emotions by dreaming of a better house, better opportunity and another vacation.  We often miss out on joy in the pursuit of it. 

Verse 11 reminds me that the way to real life is given by the Lord. His presence is what brings us true joy. His presence is what brings pleasure and well being.  Often, we try and live our lives and hope that God fits in what we are doing.  This approach leaves us wanting and needing more.  I wonder if we truly sought the Lord and his ways and his path if things would be different. What if joy of the Lord was enough.  If we truly trusted him with our lives and our souls.  What if we didn’t just rely on God to go to heaven but realized he wants to show his blessings now.  Somehow a choosing a house is important but not fulfilling. Our next vacation becomes less stressful and meets our expectations because we are not expecting it to be life changing. God is enough. His way is good and pleasurable and joyful.

God does not promise that life will be easy, or that the path will always be clear and flat, he really just promises he will be with us. Once we can realize that He is enough, life becomes much more joyful.

See you in church,

Pastor Darrell